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I am extending the magento api.

I need to send to my newly created api method, a php object like:

   public 'id' => string '5'
   public 'category' => string '65'
   public 'fullname' => string 'Example'

My api call looks like that:

$result = moodento::call('moodento_category.createObject', array($object));

(Where moodento is just a helper class setting up the SoapClient, and calling the api (this part works great))

The problem is I can't get my object in the magento method. Sending a string works, so I tried to serialize my object but with no result: object was not unserializable.

Is it possible to send php object to magento api methods? if yes, how? if no, is their a best practice workaround I should use?


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You are sending an array - not an object... Or do you extract the object in moodento::call method again? –  madflow Sep 7 '12 at 9:30
no, moodento object is just setting up the soapclient, creating the session... etc. I try to send a stdClass, would it be easyier with an array? –  benomite Sep 7 '12 at 9:37

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