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I write a simple shell script which could be run like this

$ksh script1

But i donn't know how to execute it.Like



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Not sure if it works on AIX but on Linux you can say chmod +x script.sh to make it executable using ./script.sh in the script's directory or using /the/full/path/to/script.sh (if the script isn't in the system path)

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chmod +x script.sh will not look for script.sh in the system's PATH. –  JesperE Aug 5 '09 at 6:58

to make it executable

chmod 755 /folder/of/your/script/script.sh

to make it callable from any folder in the system

export PATH=$PATH:/folder/of/your/script

to make it callable only from script.sh folder

export PATH=$PATH:.
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Just do the following:

$ chmod u+x script1
$ ./script1

It's not recommended to add "." to your PATH environment variable due to security reasons.

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