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I'm working on a website that manages personal informations about employees. And I'm using google Calendat API to manage their timesheet. I created a CodeIgniter project that displays, inserts, deletes and update events and it works. However, when I tried to integrate this with my website which is also based on CodeIgniter, insertion , deletion and update show a 500 internal server error. I read that this error may come from .htaccess. But I have the same .htaccess file for both of the two apps. Here is my .htaccess file :

Allow from localhost
Allow from
php_flag allow_url_include 1
Deny from all

For example , here is my function add_event (controller)

 function add_event()
            $click_date = $this->input->post('start_date');
            $date= explode("-", $click_date);
            $year= (int)$date[0];
            $month= (int)$date[1];
            $day= (int)$date[2]; 
            $date_start = $this->unix_timestamp($year.'-'.$month.'-'.$day);

            $params = array(
            'calendarId'    => 'myLogin@gmail.com',
            'allday'        => true, 
            'start'         => $date_start,
            'end'       => $date_start,
            'summary'       => $title,
            'description'   => "test"

        $response = $this->gcal->eventInsert($params); 
                echo ' response';   

            echo "true";
        else { echo "false"; }


Nothing is printed after `$response = $this->gcal->eventInsert($params); In gcal.php, there is a problem with the second require:

require_once "./application/third_party/google/src/apiClient.php";
echo 'after require1 ';
require_once "./application/third_party/google/src/contrib/apiCalendarService.php";

echo 'after require2'; 'after require2' isn't printed. And the only error according to Firebug is the 500 internal server error ` Could anyone help me please?


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Are the file permissions for apiCalendarService.php set correctly? They should be chmod 655 at least. –  Dirk de Man Sep 7 '12 at 12:58
@DirkdeMan I did chmod 777 for the whole directory –  user1499220 Sep 7 '12 at 13:55
stackoverflow.com/questions/6674689/… here I answer for same question. –  Madan Sapkota Feb 6 '13 at 19:00

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