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I have root defined to point to "pages#home"

In the url it just shows "/". That's fine for most purposes. But for analytics reasons I need to have "/pages/home"

How is this possible?

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When you map the root in the routes file, it maps that action to the '/' url. This should do what you want:

Edit, try this

match "/" => redirect("/pages/home")

Unfortunately, you cannot use a path method there.

Other solution

In your pages controller:

def root
  redirect_to home_pages_url

In your routes file:

root :to => "pages#root"

Just basically creating a simple redirect.

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Thanks exactly what I need –  Ben Sep 8 '12 at 10:45

Just put a link like this <%= link_to 'Page home', home_pages_path %>

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In routes.rb puts this at the end:

root to: redirect('/pages/home')
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