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I am using NBuilder to create test data and my classes have a large number of properties so manual creation is out of question. Before I used NBuilder I copy pasted some SQL selects to csv files and recreated them in tests using automatic mapping. Now I want to use NBuilder or something else and I face the problem of Entity/DB restrictions.

Is there any way I can tell some of those builders to take into account my Mapping file when generating data. For instance, if there is a mapping

  this.Property(t => t.SomeId)

I would expect the framework to generate test data for that property according to those requirements.

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I wonder if you could use Linq-to-EDMX to access the mapping information for your entities. Having that information you could use NBuilder's CreateNew method do something like this:

// Linq-to-EDMX was used to get the propertyLength value
x => x.SomeId = randomString.Substring(0, propertyLength)
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One more reason to not use mappings file but stick to annotations I guess... – majkinetor Sep 12 '12 at 7:49

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