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I have started work on a game project which is expected to have a very high load on the servers. My original plan was going with a general main server which hosts general game data and using a collection of servers hosting a node (or game world) server, being balanced with more CPU/network intensive worlds being hosted in less numbers on the machine. Now I was wondering how it's best for me to set up the actual servers. Should I go with a cloud like Microsoft Azure, should I host it all myself on own bought hardware or should I use dedicated hosting from some hosting company?

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Windows Azure actually has a Toolkit for Social Games which might provide some good guidance.

On Github the architecture section might also help you think about an Azure Solution

Re: Servers, the cloud is a perfect match for this workload/use case, you can grow quickly or fail fast depending on how successful you are and only ever pay for what you use. Azure has a IaaS and PasS offering which should meet all your needs (inc Windows and Linux on IaaS)

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Well I believe now days people are engaged in social games; I believe you would be doing the same.

unsure about the development environment I suggest you to look at the Game Hosting by amazon.. It could be somewhat costlier but better then to have your own provided it meet all your needs.

You can also check gamersisle who allows you to rent game server based on your wish so you can rent more when you feel you are hitting client counts.

Happy game development.

P.S :- I always wonder how people build game.. just learning how? ;)

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In response to the P.S: In this case I'm writing the game in C# XNA with the server side software either in C# or in C++ depending on what I'm gonna host it at. – Kelvin Bongers Sep 7 '12 at 11:03
+1 for XNA.. I was wondering some android game with Microsoft azure. – Jigar Pandya Sep 7 '12 at 13:43

Hmmm... if you consume high CPU usage, I would recommend you to use dedicated server or cloud server. For cloud you can go with Azure, more costly.

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