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I have a table where I show some columns depending on users choice stored in database. What I want is:

  • If all columns width is shorter than table width, expand columns to use the entire table width.
  • If all columns width is longer than table width, make columns narrower so no horizontal scrollbar appears.
  • If I manually change a column width within the table (using the vertical line next to the column header), I need the other columns to autoresize so the full width is 100% (not longer nor narrower) of table width.

I've been using the parameters autowidth, shrinkToFit and forceFit, but when full width is ok, then if I resize a column manually a horizontal scrollbar appears. I cannot find the correct combination of those parameters so the table behaves like that.

Any idea on how to put those values to get my aim?

Thank you very much-

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I think I've found the solution. It works fine although when a lot of columns are shown, their width make them almost impossible to read properly, but at least, the full width is always 100%. – Pask Sep 7 '12 at 10:38
The combination of those three parameters is: forcefit: true, shrinktofit:true, autowidth: true – Pask Sep 7 '12 at 10:40

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