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I have 3 fields of topic name in 3 different languages. When entering new topic I'm using javascrip to show on the page if that topic exsists already in the database by using select and like clause statement. The problem is it finds any duplication if the topic name entered exactly the same, but not if only some words are the same. And the question is: how to make check for duplication on topic that checks the words for simililarity and not the whole topic?

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Split the string into words (separating at spaces) and check for 'WHERE x LIKE '%this%' OR x LIKE '%is%' OR x LIKE '%an%' OR x LIKE '%example%''? Of course, you'd need to use a dictionary, to erase all 'common words, like 'this', 'is', or 'a'...stuff that's bound to be in a LOAD of topics. – ATaylor Sep 7 '12 at 10:07
Can you show us some of your code and some of the data please? I assume that you are using wildcards? But if not, this may be helpful techotopia.com/index.php/MySQL_Wildcard_Filtering_using_LIKE – Rodders Sep 7 '12 at 10:08

SQL Server provides Full Text Search feature. You may try for this instead of your like clause.

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ATaylor pretty much spells it out for you. To exclude the specific common keywords, I would recommend using an "EXCEPT SELECT WHERE LIKE" statement at the end of your statement.

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SELECT DISTINCT(field) AS var1, COUNT(field) AS var2 FROM table GROUP BY field HAVING var2 > 1;

This would show up any field that exist twice or more in your current database

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