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I just started learning scala. Is there any way to find CPU time and real time and the cores used by the program when using actor model??

Thanks in advance.

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You may use a profiler such as VisualVM or more adhoc and pleasant solution: Typesafe console.

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how about using the unix system time function ?

time scalac HelloWorld.scala

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If you are running in Linux (specifically here I'm describing Ubuntu) mpstat is a useful program.

You can install it using the following command:

sudo apt-get install sysstat

Once installed you can run a bash script to record CPU info. In this case I'm logging 10 times a second. This will block until you press Control-C to kill the logging. (Also, consider removing the sleep 0.1; for better data.)

while x=0; do mpstat -P ALL >> cpu_log.txt; sleep 0.1; done

In another terminal you can fire off your program (or ANY program) and see track the performance data. The output looks like this:

03:21:08 PM  CPU    %usr   %nice    %sys %iowait    %irq   %soft  %steal  %guest   %idle
03:21:08 PM  all    0.37    0.00    0.33    0.50    0.00    0.02    0.00    0.00   98.78
03:21:08 PM    0    0.51    0.00    0.45    0.57    0.00    0.03    0.00    0.00   98.43
03:21:08 PM    1    0.29    0.00    0.26    0.45    0.00    0.01    0.00    0.00   99.00
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