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alter table Garantor alter column [Birth Date] int

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Try something like this (you'll need to create a new column, update it with a conversion, drop the old one then rename the new one with old one's name)

ALTER TABLE dbo.Garantor
ADD newBirthDate int NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 -- NULL and DEFAULT as required

UPDATE dbo.Garantor
SET newBirthDate = CAST([Birth Date] AS int) -- or CONVERT function, it will do the same

ALTER TABLE dbo.Garantor
DROP COLUMN [Birth Date]

SP_RENAME 'dbo.Garantor.newBirthDate', 'dbo.Garantor.[Birth Date]'
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If the column are all nulls, you can change it to varchar then change it to int. That will work. – Zath . Jul 11 '14 at 12:46

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