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I have a custom control that needs a minor adjustment when running on XP or Vista with the Aero theme, is there a simple way to detect the theme (operating system detection isn't enough because the user can change the theme) and use this in a style trigger?

I need to apply a small margin change on Vista to get the look required:

        <Setter Property="Margin"
                Value="0,-1,0,-1" />

The above setter is currently unconditional (e.g. not in a Trigger) but requires me having two versions.

Ideally the solution should be Xaml only, but if necessary I could expose a property to associate to a DataTrigger.

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You could write a ValueConverter that takes the margin settings and does a platform/theme check in its Convert method.

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I had considered that, but I thought that it is moving designer logic into the backend, whilst detecting the Theme in the Xaml (or projecting it into there) leaves the Xaml responsible for the visual appearance. –  Ray Hayes Aug 5 '09 at 8:17
@Sean : a converter is useful with a binding, but in that case there's no binding. A markup extension would probably be more adequate. @Ray : a converter or a markup extension are not "backend"... they're just boilerplate code to make your front-end work. If you always do absolutely everything in XAML, you won't achieve much ;) –  Thomas Levesque Aug 5 '09 at 8:21
@Thomas, I'm aware that I can't do everything from XAML, but I want the code behind to expose general information, not make decisions on presentation. Having reread @Sean's answer it seems I missed part of his point (slaps forehead). What I actually did in the end was expose a generic settings MVVM which includes a "CurrentTheme" property and therefore allows me to detect "Luna" or "Aero" themes. –  Ray Hayes Aug 5 '09 at 15:41

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