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I have a class 'Employee', it has following members:


Here, I need to reflect and get all the properties except the ones that are of collection type.

In this example,except AddressChanges, I need to get all the members.


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Depending what you mean by 'collection', something like this will work:

var notCollectionProperties =
        .Where(prop => !typeof(ICollection).IsAssignableFrom(prop.PropertyType));

More generally you might want to use IEnumerable rather than ICollection.

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yes ! I need properties of simple data type –  Dhanasekar S M Sep 7 '12 at 11:27

Use reflection to enumerate the properties and exclude those with a collection type. For example:

Type myType = typeof(TargetClass);
foreach(PropertyInfo propertyInfo in myType.GetProperties())
    if(propertyInfo.PropertyType is ...)
        // Handle cases 
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