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Is there a way to set the minimum, maximum and default values of a NumberPicker from the XML Layout?

I'm doing it from within the Activity code:

np = (NumberPicker) findViewById(R.id.np);

XML is obviously more appropriate , because it defines property, not behaviour.

Is there a way to set these using the XML layout?

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You might need to Customize NumberPicker and then use it MyNumberPicker everywhere...and in the Constructor of MyNumberPicker get all attribute set and set values... – MKJParekh Sep 7 '12 at 13:02
@MKJParekh do you know how to set setMaxValue setMinValue for Time picker? stackoverflow.com/questions/20188983/… – LOG_TAG Nov 25 '13 at 10:01
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I had the same problem, this is how I solved it (according to the comment of MKJParekh):

  1. I created my own NumberPicker-Class

    package com.exaple.project;
    import android.annotation.TargetApi;
    import android.content.Context;
    import android.os.Build;
    import android.util.AttributeSet;
    import android.widget.NumberPicker;
    @TargetApi(Build.VERSION_CODES.HONEYCOMB)//For backward-compability
    public class myNumberPicker extends NumberPicker {
        public myNumberPicker(Context context) {
        public myNumberPicker(Context context, AttributeSet attrs) {
            super(context, attrs);
        public myNumberPicker(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defStyle) {
            super(context, attrs, defStyle);
        private void processAttributeSet(AttributeSet attrs) {
            //This method reads the parameters given in the xml file and sets the properties according to it
            this.setMinValue(attrs.getAttributeIntValue(null, "min", 0));
            this.setMaxValue(attrs.getAttributeIntValue(null, "max", 0));
  2. Now you can use this NumberPicker in your xml layout file

        min="1" />

Thanks to MKJParekh for his useful comment

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Works great, thanks for sharing. Pay attention when using the graphical layout editor in Eclipse: if you change anything here, the custom properties like min and max will get deleted and you have to add them manually again. – socken23 May 13 '14 at 20:15

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