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i receive input files daily in a folder called INPUTFILES. These files have filename along with datetime.

My Package has been scheduled to run everyday. If i receive 2 files for the day, i need to fetch these 2 files and load into the table.

For example i had files in my files


now i need to run files test20120608_122455.csv test20120608_014455.csv for the same day.

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I solved the issue. I have taken one varibale which checks for whether a file exists for that particular Day.

If the file exists for a particular day then the value for the variable is assigned to 1.

For Each Loop Container has been taken, and placed the this file exists variable inside the container.

For Loop Properties  

EvalExpression ---- @fileexists==1.  

if no file exists for that particular day, then the loop fails.

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