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Why do we need to use serialization?
If We want to send an object or piece of data through a network We can use streams of bytes.
If We want to save some data to the disk We can again use the binary mode along with the byte streams and save it.
So Whats the advantage of using serialization?

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Serialization is 'a stream of bytes'. –  EJP Sep 8 '12 at 8:05

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Technically on the low-level, your serialized object will also end up as a stream of bytes on your cable or your filesystem...

So you can also think of it as a standardized and already available way of converting your objects to a stream of bytes. Storing/transferring object is a very common requirement, and it has less or little meaning to reivent this wheel in every application.

As other have mentioned, you also know that this object->stream_of_bytes implementation is quite robust, tested, and generally architecture-independent.

This does not means it is the only acceptable way to save or transfer an object: in some cases, you'll have implement your own methods, for example to avoid saving unnecessary/private memebers (for example for security or performance reasons). But if you are in a simple case, you can make your life easier by using the serialization/deserialization of your framework, language or VM instead of having to implement it by yourself.

Hope this helps.

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Among other reasons to be compatible between architecture. An integer doesn't have the same number of bytes from one architecture to another, and sometimes from one compiler to another.

Plus what you're talking about is still serialization. Binary Serialization. You're putting all the bytes of your object together in order to store them and be able to reconvert them as an object later. This is serializing.

More info on wikipedia

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In General, serialization is a method to persist an object's state, but i suggest you to read this wiki page, it is pretty detailed and correct in my opinion:


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