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To my dismay I noticed that MooseX::Method is no longer maintained and deprecated.

The package MooseX-Method-Signatures is advertized as replacement, but its documentation says: This is ALPHA SOFTWARE. Use at your own risk. Features may change.

<whine>What should I do </whine>

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Use MooseX::Declare instead:

use MooseX::Declare;

class Foo {
    has foo => (isa => "Str", is => "rw", default => "foo");

    method bar (Str $bar = "bar") {
        print $self->foo, " says $bar\n";

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MooseX::Declare uses MooseX::Method::Signatures internally for method handling. – perigrin Aug 5 '09 at 18:18
thanks! Let me try it .. the docs look very ok! I'm sure I'll have to fight that "class { .. }", I will my miss place my use-s often! – lexu Aug 5 '09 at 18:44

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