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Slowely changing dimension task is not working in data flow task.. but if I remove it and use the OLEDB destination it is inserting the data. I have no idea why it is not inserting data into the table. SCD and leaf task is also not converting to yellow or green color.

I have to do insert & update on the table based on two columns.

This is what I have tried:

  • When I have used only OLEDB destination - everything works fine
  • When I am doing look up and sending matched output to command task (where I am using the update command) and no match to OLEDB destination - nothing works.
  • When I am using SCD and using two columns as business key and other as changing attribute - nothing works.

with "nothing works" I mean, even these task are not converting in yellow or green.

Any idea what could be the reason for this ?

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Even when you get it to work, you will realise that it's slow as hell and missing lots of configuration options.

Therefore I recommend this handy component initiated and recommended by the godfather of ETL & data warehousing, Ralph Kimball.

I personally will never return to the SSIS standard component. Try it, it's awesome.

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I'd like to say that's true - but it isn't (your Kimball comment). They asked me to remove their name from it. But your remainder is totally true - I'm also sure that the SCD Wizard component is actually working - it's just hard to see grass growing. – Todd McDermid Sep 8 '12 at 15:58

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