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I have used the following SWITCH statement to ECHO one of three CASE's. However when I do this the output to the web page shows the CASE label then the actual echo-ed statement.

$sc_stk_poa is a boolean field of either 0 or -1.
$sc_stk_prc_stanard is a price field in the MySQL database.

echo $x = $sc_stk_poa;
switch($x) {
    case 0: echo "£{$sc_stk_prc_standard}";
    case -1: echo "POA";
    default: echo "";

The output I get in the webpage is something like: -1POA or 0£59.14 depending which case is selected to output.

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remove the "echo" at the start of your php-code: <?php $x=$sc_stk_poa; SWITCH ($x) { case 0: echo "£{$sc_stk_prc_standard}"; break; case -1: echo "POA"; break; default: echo ""; } ?> – Stefan Fandler Sep 7 '12 at 14:03
It seems that you're echoing $sc_stk_poa before the switch statement? – Mansfield Sep 7 '12 at 14:03
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Write less convoluted things :

switch ($sc_stk_poa)
    case 0: 
      echo "£{$sc_stk_prc_standard}"; 
    case -1: 
      echo "POA"; 
      echo "";

There was no need for variable $x, was it?

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Thank you everyone, each one of the solutions mentioned here worked correctly. I can see my error's more clearly now that they were pointed out. Your time is much appreciated. – user1654886 Sep 7 '12 at 19:28

It's not displaying the label. You have an echo here: <?php echo $x=$sc_stk_poa;. This is the one outputting the value of x, which is used in your cases.

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