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I have an autohotkey script which looks up a word in a bilingual dictionary when I double click any word on a webpage. If I click on something like "l'homme" the l' is copied into the clipboard as well as the homme. I want the autohotkey script to strip out everything up to and including the apostrophe.

I can't get autohotkey to match the apostrophe. Below is a sample script which prints out the ascii values of the first four characters. If I double click "l'homme" on this page, it prints out: 108,8217,104,111. The second character is clearly not the ascii code for an apostrophe. I think it's most probably something to do with the HTML representation of an apostrophe, but I haven't been able to get to the bottom of it. I've tried using autohotkey's transform, HTML function without any luck.

I've tried both the Unicode and non-Unicode versions of autohotkey. I've saved the script in UTF-8.

;debugging info:
c1 := Asc(SubStr(clipboard,1,1))
c2 := Asc(SubStr(clipboard,2,1))
c3 := Asc(SubStr(clipboard,3,1))
c4 := Asc(SubStr(clipboard,4,1))
Msgbox 0,info, char1: %c1% `nchar2: %c2% `nchar3: %c3% `nchar4: %c4%

;the line below is what I want to use, but it doesn't find a match
 stripToApostrophe:= RegExReplace(clipboard,".*’")
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There is the standard quote ' and there is the "curling" quote .

Your regex might have to be


to cover both cases.

Maybe you'd like to make it non-greedy, too, if a word can have more than one apostrophe and you only want to remove the first:



Interesting. I tried this:

w1 := "l’homme"
w2 := "l'homme"
c1 := Asc(SubStr(w1,2,1))
c2 := Asc(SubStr(w2,2,1))
v1 := RegExReplace(w1, ".*?['’]")
v2 := RegExReplace(w2, ".*?['’]")
MsgBox 0,info, %c1% - %c2% - %v1% - %v2%

And got back 146 - 39 - homme - homme. I'm editing from Notepad. Is it possible that our regex, while we think we're typing 8217, actually has 146 upon our pasting?


Apparently unicode support was added only for AutoHotkey_L. Using it, I believe the correct regex should be either



".*?(" Chr(0x0027) "|" Chr(0x0092) "|" Chr(0x2019) ")"
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I've tried it with both types of quote, and neither worked. The curling quote in the script above is copied directly from the article in the link. I'm sure the answer lies in understanding why AHK prints 8217 as the ascii code for the second character of l'homme. The other characters are correct 108:l 104:h 111:o –  keith.uk Sep 7 '12 at 14:34
Yes, I was planning to look into making it greedy,but first I want to get the basics working. I think the server is probably sending something beginning with &# as an html escape code. –  keith.uk Sep 7 '12 at 14:45
Well, 8217 is the proper apostrophe, which I called the curling quote, . Maybe AHK is buggy regarding the character. Can you try escaping it? .*\’ –  Andrew Cheong Sep 7 '12 at 14:47
I've tried escaping, but still no good. –  keith.uk Sep 7 '12 at 14:50
Ah, so clipboard might contain "’" you're saying? That's tricky. Your regex then may need to be .*?(?:'|’|’|’|'|’) to cover all the bases (hah). –  Andrew Cheong Sep 7 '12 at 14:50

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