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I have figured out how to remove bad files in my folders but I am wanting to know how to add certain named files to that folder.

I want to add something like address.xml

I have this and can remove the bad files.

    for addxml in $(find $DIRECTORY/$directoryname -name address.xml); do
    rm -v $addxml

I am trying to learn how later down the code I can add a file from another folder no where near the folders that are being edited.

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To move files use mv –  Saphrosit Sep 7 '12 at 14:15

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I would suggest checking out cp (to copy files/directories) or mv (to move files/directories)

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If you want to create an empty file, use touch /<dir>/<filename.ext> (docs). If you're trying to move a file from one place to another, use mv <source> <target> (docs)

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vim address.xml ...?


Are you creating a bash scrip to make files or you are in a command prompt and need to make a file?

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I am running the bash script in a virtual environment with ubuntu installed. I am learning bash and I have written everything in notepad++.I go into ubuntu and click "run in terminal" to execute bash on a few hundred files. –  Darth_Vader Sep 7 '12 at 15:30

how later down the code I can add a file from another folder


for addxml in $(find $DIRECTORY/$directoryname -name address.xml); do
    mv $addxml $OTHER_DIRECTORY
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the question and the script does not match in the sense the script is looking for an existing file and the request states how to put a file (i.e. non existant file in to the location)



for addxml in $(find . -name address.xml); do

if [ $? = 0 ]; then
        echo found
        echo   rm -v $addxml
        echo "putting content in $addxml"
        echo $FILECONTENT > $addxml

#cat $FILECONTENT > $addxml
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