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I got the following test code:

<Target Name="TestTarget">

(ConfigurationFile is within an ItemGroup, somewhere else I need the FullName, and so it comes in handy)

The output is: XmlFile: C:\Development\Test\build\Test.xml Update Element: /MyConfiguration/Settings/RetentionTime. InnerText: 30

No errors, build succeeded. However, when I open the XML file afterwards the RetentionTime element is still empty.

If I change the XPath to a non-existing element there is an error, so this should be right. Do you know if I'm missing something? I don't get it...

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SOLVED: Although the documentation says otherwise it seems to be obligatory to give the Namespaces attribute and use namespaces in the XPath! –  D.R. Sep 10 '12 at 7:02

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One pitfall is when the target-file declares a default namespace. This namespace must be provides in the xpath:

<Target Name="TestTarget">
      <_namespaces Include="MyNamespace">

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