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I have a jquery datatable on my page, which uses server side processing to retrieve data. In this case, one of the columns contains html content, thus my server responses looks like this:

"aaData": [ [1, "aaa", "<span class="myclass">html here</span>" ], ...

I tryed with

"aoColumnDefs": [ "aTargets":[2], "sType": "html" }

But I still see the cell content as if it were plain string. What can I do?

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Made a working version with

"aoColumnDefs": [ 
    { "aTargets": [2], 
      "sType": "html", 
      "fnRender": function(o, val) { 
          return $("<div/>").html(o.aData[2]).text();

decoding back the html with jQuery.

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var renderAsHtml = function (data, type, full) {
return decHTMLifEnc(data);
var isEncHTML = function(str) {
    if(str.search(/&amp;/g) != -1 || str.search(/&lt;/g) != -1 || str.search(/&gt;/g) != -1)
        return true;
        return false;

var decHTMLifEnc = function(str){
        return str.replace(/&amp;/g, '&').replace(/&lt;/g, '<').replace(/&gt;/g, '>');
    return str;

pass renderAsHtml as function reference to fnRender. This is also works

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