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I am using jericho html parser in java. I want to fetch data from a website. In website html content is like this....

<div class="class_div">
   <div class="class_div2">All contents...</div>`
     <span class="equals">Content 1</span>
     <span class="equals">Content 2</span>
     <span class="equals">Content 3</span>
     <span class="equals">Content 4</span>

I want to fetch Content 1,Content 2, Content 3, Content 4. How to fetch this?

I am using this code

String sourceUrlString="<website url>";
if (sourceUrlString.indexOf(':')==-1)
Source source=new Source(new URL(sourceUrlString));
Element bodyContent = source.getElementByClass("equals");`
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What have you tried? Show some code and we can help guide you. Here is a starting place if you don't know where to start jericho.htmlparser.net/docs/javadoc/net/htmlparser/jericho/… –  DMoses Sep 7 '12 at 16:22

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Where's the Problem? With your code you get each Element - with those you get their text:

Source source = new Source(/* ... */);
List<Element> elements = source.getAllElementsByClass("equals");

for( Element element : elements )
     * 'element.getTextExcrator().toString()' returns the text of the element


Content 1
Content 2
Content 3
Content 4

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