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I am wondering if there's a limit to how many custom domains an AppEngine application can have? I am creating a service where I would like to allow customers to point their domain to my app (GAE-java), and I'll use URL rewriting to serve content for the customer -- I know right now I have to manually add the domain (as in Many Custom Domains for AppEngine Instance) but I am not expecting high volume and don't have the resources to setup a reverse proxy.

What are the potential gotchas? I know there's a limit of SSL certificates I can install per account, so I'd have problems if I need to support HTTPS for the custom domains, but anything else? Or perhaps I should look into services like cloudflare to go on top?

Thanks, Adrian

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There is no limit for the number of domains an App Engine application can have. SSL support will be a bit tricky, but not impossible. Domain owners must setup SSL for their domains themselves. Hint: App Engine application paying for the SSL support may be different from the application served from the domain.

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