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Conditional gsub replacement

How can I replace certian elements of a character vector with defined replacements?

county <- c("wagner", "mccain", "mcclain", "dallas")

pattern     <- c("mccain",  "mcclain",   "mcdonald")
replacement <- c("mc cain", "mc clain",  "mc donald")

str_replace(county, pattern, replacement)

Seems like this should be simple but I have been messing with it for a long time and cant figure it out. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Please make your examples fully reproducible, especially when using non-standard packages, by loading any packages needed to make it reproducible. –  Gavin Simpson Sep 7 '12 at 16:50
Is "mclain" a typo? Should it be "mcclain"? –  Luciano Selzer Sep 7 '12 at 17:11
If you feel like downloading my beta package qdap it does this easily. To download: install.packages("devtools"); library(devtools); install_github("qdap", "trinker"), to do what you want: library(qdap); mgsub(pattern, replacement, county). I tried it on your sample and it worked perfectly (though look at Luciano's comment). –  Tyler Rinker Sep 7 '12 at 17:26
@Tyler Rinker- qdap install failed: * building 'qdap_0.1.0.tar.gz' ERROR packaging into .tar.gz failed Error: Command failed (1) In addition: Warning message: –  MikeTP Sep 7 '12 at 18:15
@Galvin Simpson - my apploogies..please find edited question –  MikeTP Sep 7 '12 at 18:17

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If I understand correctly your question, you don't want to use regular expressions to do a search-and-replace (via gsub for example). In that matter, the use of the variable name pattern may have been misleading.

Instead, you just want to do a plain substitution where you have an exact match. You need to use match and ifelse:

ifelse(is.na(idx <- match(county, pattern)), county, replacement[idx])
# [1] "wagner"   "mc cain"  "mc clain" "dallas"

You can also put that in a function:

substitute.all <- function(pattern, replacement, x) {
   idx <- match(x, pattern)
   return(ifelse(is.na(idx), x, replacement[idx]))
substitute.all(pattern, replacement, county)
# [1] "wagner"   "mc cain"  "mc clain" "dallas"  
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