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I'm trying to install an apk file in my emulator. I navigated to the directory where the apk file is and typed adb install [name of file].apk

I received this response:

-bash: adb: command not found

What should I do? Please keep it simple as I don't know much about this.

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Type "which adb" in the terminal and see the location of the adb. If no location/ path to adb is displayed, then you should add the location of the platform-tools folder from the android sdk in the system PATH variable.

export PATH=$PATH:/home/path_to_android_sdk/platform-tools

Also, to make the change permanent, you could edit the .bashrc file and add the above line at the end. Save and execute .bashrc.

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your PATH certainly does not include ADB. it will usually be found inside android sdk paltform-tools (a search for "platform-tools" will usually do the trick).

NOTE: under UBUNUTU 12.04, adt saved android sdk in: /usr/lib/eclipse/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64/sdk/platform-tools

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