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In my asp.net mvc application i use windows authentication. Company has user in multiple domains like "DOMAIN-A\james, DOMAIN-B\james. My application should authenticate only users in "DOMAIN-A". How to fail authentication for other domains users except users in "DOMAIN-A"

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It will normally just fail the domain-b users automatically (barring special AD configuration like forest and trusted domains Even then, good luck in getting it to work.)

It will only authenticate to the domain that the authenticating web server resides in.

In the case both domains ARE getting authorized, simply check the users name, which will include the domain.

public class Global : System.Web.HttpApplication
    void WindowsAuthentication_OnAuthenticate(object sender, WindowsAuthenticationEventArgs e)
        // ensure we have a name and made it through authentication
        if (e.Identity != null && e.Identity.IsAuthenticated)



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What about adding ActiveDirectoryMembership provider in the web config with desired LDAP connection string. I tried and now it really authenticates users against the domain specified in LDAP connection string. Don’t you think this is a solution? –  m00sila Sep 13 '12 at 21:01
No it didn't really work. Now the same user in DOMAIN-A\james and DOMAIN-B\james both get authenticated to the application which I don't want to. How to restrict authentication for specific domain users? Btw, my developer machine is in DOMAIN-A and IIS 7 is configured to use application pool identity. –  m00sila Sep 18 '12 at 21:00

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