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Visual Studio doesn't offer automatic formatting for F#, is there any other editor I can use to automate that?

I would like it would put reasonable white spaces in between arithmetic operators (a+b) goes to (a + b) or assignment operators =

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I suspect there isn't anything like that yet. This is the kind of thing Resharper is good at for C# and there is a (young) project to make an F# plugin for Resharper. –  Geoff Sep 11 '12 at 19:21

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I have been developing a source code formatter for F#. The source can be found on Github.

At the moment, a VS extension has been released in Visual Studio gallery. Integration to other IDEs and editors should be possible while the API and command line are already available.

The VS extension can handle the situations you described quite well via formatting selection feature.

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Generic code indentation is supported in FSharpMode in Emacs: Link to download site But it wont help you to do automatic white-space separation of operators, only indentation.

Maybe write a simple formatter based on Tomas Petriceks code for syntax highlighting?

Link to FSharp.Formatting

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