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Is there a way to download and install heroku toolbelt components individually, or at least without the bundled git? Heroku Toolbelt comes with git bundled in. Last time I downloaded it and installed it, it overwrote my existing git installation. Heroku Toolbelt bundles an older version of git and I require at least 1.7.10. Is there a way to just install heroku and foreman? This seems a little weird that there isn't such an option considering most heroku users would be developer likely to have git already.

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It's just Foreman, Git, and the Heroku CLI client.

Customize Heroku Toolbelt Install Screen

If you already have Git and Foreman, you can just install the CLI from the command line,

wget -qO- | sh

The Windows installer offers the same options.

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I would use mxcl's homebrew to install the heroku-toolbelt.

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On OS X you select which components to install: At the “installation type” stage there's a “customise” button at the bottom of the window that lets you pick which component(s) you want.

(I haven't used the Linux or Windows installers, so I don't know if they provide the same customisation options.)

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