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I have an small server/client test program I am running over a radio link using TCP/IP and I noticed with wireshark that I am getting a lot of retransmits due to high latency. How do I increase the window my program waits for an ACK before attempting retransmission?

Update on OS: The server is running Linux, the Client is on Windows

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What is the operating system? The mechanism likely varies between OS-es. – tsg Aug 5 '09 at 10:36
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In Linux, you can try playing with the TCP_WINDOW_CLAMP and the other options from . They can be set by using setsockopt (man 3 setsockopt), I think.

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Definitely this question needs some clarification.
IMO, best solution should be to switch to asynchronous sockets. This way timeout handling is all yours.

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Windows and Linux both ask you to configure parameter values. You could do that either on the server side or on the client side .. So which ever method suits you try it.

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