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I have asp.net Calendar to select the date 'selectedDate' and time Piker to select time 'starttime ' I am trying to add the 2 strings 1 startTime object 'startDateTime'

        string strDate = Calendar1.SelectedDate.ToShortDateString(); ;
        string startTime = txtb_endTimeManual.Text;
        DateTime startDateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(strDate + startTime);

error message String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

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if you show actual string values of strDate and startTime it would help a lot, but you could start by adding a space inbetween those two values Convert.ToDateTime(strDate + " " + startTime); –  Dimitri Sep 7 '12 at 17:10

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You need to add a space between the two strings. If strDate is '1/15/2012' and startTime is '6:30:00 PM' then concatenating the two strings give you '1/15/20126:30:00 PM' so the format is all off.

DateTime startDateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(strDate + " " + startTime);
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Without seeing the inputs it's hard to say whether you can trust they are formatted properly but, beyond that, I would say that you don't have a space between your date and time in the Convert.ToDateTime() method call.

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Rather than doing a conversion to a string, a string concat, and another conversion, the Calendar already returns a DateTime object. You can set the time.

string startTime = txtb_endTimeManual.Text;
DateTime startDateTime = Calendar1.SelectedDate.Add(TimeSpan.Parse(startTime));
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