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I've been looking for a while for a tool that will take a bunch of solutions and combine them into one large solution, while preserving dependencies between projects. Does such a tool exist for Visual Studio 2010?

The situation is I have a bunch of separate solution files for a very large product. I would like operations like "Find All References" to work but it doesn't search across solutions. I would like to create a "master solution" with all the projects, in addition to all the smaller solutions. I don't want to create it manually because there are many solutions and even more projects.

Thanks, -Jim

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According to the configurations Microsoft Visual Studio has, I think it's not possible. Because in each solution you might have one or more startup projects, a specialized Configuration Manager, Solution Folders and many other settings that depends on your solution file.

One of the policies I always use is to not have many many projects to lost between them. I strongly recommend you to combine your projects, see what's happening and group them into a few large projects, instead of having many little projects. Also I'd suggest you to use TFS, it's a great server for team management and such a things you're looking for.


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Ahh, well that's too bad. Thanks for the help. – Jim Sep 7 '12 at 17:57

I have exactly the same problem. Since you have exactly the same build platforms and configurations then you could try http://slntools.codeplex.com/. It's not exactly what you need but according it's documentation you can have one big master solution and create subsolutions of it automatically...

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Hmm interesting I will give this a try. Thanks. – Jim Mar 3 '13 at 6:28
It will work if you have a master solution which contains all projects and dependencies defined. Then you can create temporary working solutions from there. – Harry13 Mar 4 '13 at 15:12

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