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In Puppet, say I have a class which contains numerous file and package resources. I want to use resource chaining ( -> and ~> ) to ensure that they get managed in the proper order. I want all file resources to be managed before package resources. I read the Puppet Language Guide section on resource chaining, and tried its suggestion, using collections, like so:

File <| |> -> Package["package1"] -> Package["package2"] and so on.

However, that didn't work, and some really weird behavior occurred: that instruction managed every single file object in my Puppet configuration, not just in the class I was working on, before the packages specified.

How would I use collections to say "manage every file object in this class only before the specified resources?

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Probably not what you're looking for but you could separate your File resources into a separate manifest mymodule::myfiles and then in do Class['Mymodule::Myfiles'] -> Package['package1'] and so on.

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Good idea! If nobody comes up with the "right way" in a couple of days, I'll go with that. I could just include the subclass in the main class, and, from the outside at least, everything would be rosy. – Zac B Sep 9 '12 at 12:58

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