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I am using Jquery $.each to get all the elements which belong to a particular class and I wanted to call a function on each of those one after another.To achieve this, I called following function:

 var elements = $('.colorpickerHolder');

I can see on the runtime that elements has three elements which is correct. Now, when I call self.ApplyColorPicker, I am refereing to each current element with $(this). Surprisingly, $(this) is not current element.

My code is working under knockout framework and both pieces of code are under a viewModel. and inside ApplyColorPicker $(this) becomes my viewModel. I am not sure why is that. Any reasonings?

Below is my ApplyColorPicker code just of the review:

 self.ApplyColorPicker = function () {
                color: '#0000ff',
                onShow: function (colpkr) {
                    return false;
                onHide: function (colpkr) {
                    return false;
                onChange: function (hsb, hex, rgb) {
                    $(this).css('backgroundColor', '#' + hex);
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Pass in a reference to the function itself to each, not what the function evaluates to. In other words use self.ApplyColorPicker instead of self.ApplyColorPicker().

 var elements = $('.colorpickerHolder');
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Thank you so much :). –  Californicated Sep 7 '12 at 18:05

It looks like you are calling ApplyColorPickers in the .each statement, meaning it is only being called once and is passing the result of that function into .each, rather than a reference to the function. This should work instead:

elements.each(self.ApplyColorPicker); //Without the () after ApplyColorPicker
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You need to do:


The problem is that self.ApplyColorPicker() actually calls the function. What you need to pass to $.each is a reference to the function.

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