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I have a non standard tag in an HTML doc that I need to write a selenium test for.

Here is the tag: <evo:password>SomeText</evo:password>

And my selenium ide command I'm trying:

Command: storeEval
Target: xpath=/x:html/x:body/x:div/x:div[1]/x:div[2]/x:div/x:div/x:table/x:tbody/x:tr[2]/x:td[2]/x:strong/x:evo:password
Value: adminPass

Not sure what I need as my Target to get this to work and store the value between my tags.

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I had to get creative with my selector. I ended up using a CSS selector and getting the last element with it.


I'm sure you can also use :nth-child among other natural css selectors.

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