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Okay here's the situation.... I'm working on a my business website. There will be a work/portfolio area. "Work" is a custom post type. "Designer" is a custom user role. "Client" is a custom user role.

In creating a new "Work" post I would like to be able to select both a "designer" and "Client" to assign to the piece of work, as I would assign an author to a regular ol' post.

I tried the method from this answer but it did not work for me. ) I placed it in my functions.php file.

` add_filter('wp_dropdown_users', 'test'); function test($output) { global $post;

    //Doing it only for the custom post type
    if($post->post_type == 'work')
        $users = get_users(array('role'=>'designer'));
       //We're forming a new select with our values, you can add an option 
       //with value 1, and text as 'admin' if you want the admin to be listed as well, 
       //optionally you can use a simple string replace trick to insert your options, 
       //if you don't want to override the defaults
       $output .= "<select id='post_author_override' name='post_author_override' class=''>";
    foreach($users as $user)
        $output .= "<option value='".$user->id."'>".$user->user_login."</option>";
    $output .= "</select>";
 return $output;


Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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This plugin may be what you're looking for

And this tutorial might also help, if you're not looking to use a plugin:

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I actually have been using posts 2 posts which lets you connect posts, pages and users to each other. Thanks for the suggestion. – Tiffany Israel Sep 9 '12 at 22:31

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