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I have a macro that move information from one sheet to others. I have some sheets that are different than others so they have special cases for them on. One of the cases I do a search to find where to put the value on the sheet. the different cases are all ran with a find if i use find in one of the cases then it wont do more than two times through the do loop. The arrow is where the second find is. It is almost to the bottom. What could I do to make it so it wont get out after two times

   Public topcount As String
Public test As Boolean
Public QCCount As String
'used to toggle for first run of the eods and set first value
Public productivity As Boolean

'while no more cells in comlum
'find techs useing spectraseven tech to find the techs for each sheet
    'make sheet for each tech
    Sub MakeScoreCard()

    topcount = 6
    QCCount = 3
    test = True
    temp = testWild("e36", "f", "f36", "g", "h36", "k", "COMP")
    test = False
    productivity = True
'    temp = testWild("e19", "i", "f19", "j", "zz1", "zz", "Weekly")
    productivity = False
'    temp = testWild("e19", "i", "f19", "j", "zz1", "zz", "Weekly (2)")
'    temp = testWild("e19", "i", "f19", "j", "zz1", "zz", "Weekly (3)")
'    temp = testWild("e27", "e", "f27", "f", "h27", "g", "SCOI")
'    temp = testWild("e45", "h", "f45", "z", "h45", "s", "VOC")
'    temp = testWild("z45", "z", "f45", "f", "z45", "z", "TCF")
'    temp = testWild("e54", "f", "f54", "g", "h54", "h", "MTF")
    temp = testWild("b", "h", "f63", "z", "E", "I", "QC")
    QCCount = 3
    temp = testWild("c", "d", "f63", "z", "f", "e", "QC 2")
 '   temp = testWild("e63", "d", "f63", "z", "h63", "g", "QC Summary")
 '   temp = testWild("e72", "d", "f72", "e", "h72", "f", "UPSQ")

    End Sub

Function mySheetData(SheetName As String) As Boolean

'By Joe Was
    'This adds a sheet and names it "Test."
    'SheetName = Sheets(1).Range("a1")
    If Not WorksheetExists(SheetName) Then
            If Not SheetName = "QC" Then
    Sheets.Add.Name = SheetName

    'This selects your new sheet and moves it after sheet "Sheet3," which could be any sheet name.
    Sheets(SheetName).Move after:=Sheets(Worksheets.Count)
    End If
    End If
    'If test Then
     '   test = False
    'copies the range and its formats
    End Function
    Function updateTemplate(SheetName As String)
    Sheets(SheetName).Range("A1:k79").PasteSpecial (xlPasteAll)

    'copies the column widths and their formats
    Sheets(SheetName).Range("A:k").PasteSpecial (xlPasteFormats)
    'End If
    End Function
    'copy from template sheet
    'add information from each summary sheet to the tech sheets

'Function MoveToTables(manName As String, startCell As Integer, cellRange As String) As Boolean
Function testWild(CardR1 As String, SheetL1, CardR2 As String, SheetL2, CardR3 As String, SheetL3, SheetName As String)
    'Consants for QC sheet names
    Dim qcsum As String
    qcsum = "QC Summary"
    Dim qc As String
    qc = "QC"
    Dim qc2 As String
    qc2 = "QC 2"

    'startCell = 1
    Dim FoundCell As Range
    Dim FoundCel As Variant
    Dim LastCell As Range
    Dim FirstAddr As String
    Dim technum As String
    Dim techArray() As Range

    'range for search
    cellrange = "A1:I500"
    'finds last cell
    With Range("a1:i500")
        Set LastCell = .Cells(.Cells.Count)
    End With

    Dim findString As String
    'test for change in search string if spectraseven isn't in the tech name
    If SheetName = "UPSQ" Or SheetName Like "Weekly*" Then
        findString = "86*"
    If SheetName = qc2 Then
        findString = "s7 Tech*"
        findString = "SPECTRASEVEN TECH*"
    End If
    End If

    techArray = FindAllOnWorksheets(Nothing, Sheets(SheetName), "A1:I500", findString)
    techArray(1) = Range(A1, I500)

    For Each FoundCel In techArray()
        'FoundCell = FoundCel.Address
        'band aid for some problem
        'saves row nubmer in count
        Count = FoundCell.Row
        'strips anything before tech number
        technum = Right(FoundCell, 4)
        'finds the next cell with seach string in it
        Set FoundCell = Range(cellrange).FindNext(after:=FoundCell)

        'checks if the score card is already made
        If Not WorksheetExists(technum) Then
            'creates the sheet for tech score card
            temp = mySheetData(technum)
            'applys the template to the new sheet
            temp = updateTemplate(technum)
            'dont remeber why this is here should be to stop if from making sheets from QC
'                If SheetName = "QC" Then
'                    Exit Do
'                End If
            End If
            'updates template once doesn't work for all sheets the sheets made after the first summary sheet wont be changed
            'test is set in makescorecard
        If test Then
            temp = updateTemplate(technum)
        End If
        'fills QCsumarry sheet

        ' Productivity number on template have to be 0 or it will not work
         If SheetName Like "Weekly*" Then
            'Sheets(technum).Range(CardR1) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL1 & Count)
            'Sheets(technum).Range(CardR2) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL2 & Count)
            If productivity Then
                Sheets(technum).Range(CardR1) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL1 & Count)
                Sheets(technum).Range(CardR2) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL2 & Count)
                Sheets(technum).Range(CardR1) = (Sheets(technum).Range(CardR1)) + (Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL1 & Count))
                Sheets(technum).Range(CardR2) = (Sheets(technum).Range(CardR2)) + (Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL2 & Count))
            End If
            'Sheets(technum).Range(CardR1) = (Sheets(technum).Range(CardR1)) + (Sheets("Weekly (3)").Range(SheetL1 & Count))
            'Sheets(technum).Range(CardR2) = (Sheets(technum).Range(CardR2)) + (Sheets("Weekly (3)").Range(SheetL2 & Count))
'        If SheetName = qc Then
'            Sheets(qcsum).Range(CardR1 & QCCount) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL1 & Count)
'            Sheets(qcsum).Range(CardR3 & QCCount) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL3 & Count)
''            Sheets(qcsum).Range("F" & QCCount) = findRow(qc2, technum, "E")Sheets(SheetName).Range("E" & Count)
''            Sheets(qcsum).Range("C" & QCCount) = findRow(qc2, technum, "D")
'            QCCount = QCCount + 1
'        Else
        If SheetName = qc2 Or SheetName = qc Then
        Dim QCRow As String
            SearchString = "*" & technum
            Dim tempr As Variant

            tempr = FindAllOnWorksheets(Nothing, Sheets(qcsum), "a1:a100", SearchString)
            'MsgBox TypeName(tempr)
            QCRow = tempr
            Sheets(qcsum).Range(CardR1 & QCRow) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL1 & Count)
            Sheets(qcsum).Range(CardR3 & QCRow) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL3 & Count)
        'if not a special sheet then grabs info from that sheet and puts it on the score card
            Sheets(technum).Range("b2") = technum
            Sheets(technum).Range("e2") = Sheets("mtf").Range("a3")
            Sheets(technum).Range("h2") = Sheets("mtf").Range("a5")
            Sheets(technum).Range(CardR1) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL1 & Count)
            Sheets(technum).Range(CardR2) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL2 & Count)
            Sheets(technum).Range(CardR3) = Sheets(SheetName).Range(SheetL3 & Count)
        End If
        End If
        'End If

        'Creates the summary sheet for all the techs
        'UPSQ should be the last sheet
        If SheetName = "UPSQ" Then
            Sheets("Summary").Range("a" & topcount) = technum
            Sheets("Summary").Range("b" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("H19")
            Sheets("Summary").Range("c" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("H27")
            Sheets("Summary").Range("d" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("H36")
            Sheets("Summary").Range("e" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("f45")
            Sheets("Summary").Range("f" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("H45")
            Sheets("Summary").Range("g" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("H54")
            Sheets("Summary").Range("h" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("H63")
            Sheets("Summary").Range("i" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("H72")
            Sheets("Summary").Range("j" & topcount) = Sheets(technum).Range("e6")
            topcount = topcount + 1
        End If

        'exits loop after it finds the first address

   If FoundCell.Address = FirstAddr Then
        Exit For
    End If


End Function

Public Function WorksheetExists(ByVal WorksheetName As String) As Boolean

On Error Resume Next
WorksheetExists = (Sheets(WorksheetName).Name <> "")
On Error GoTo 0

End Function

Public Function findRow(SheetName As String, findString As String, column As String) As String

   Dim FoundCel As Range
   Dim LastCel As Range
   Dim FirstAdd As String
   Dim technu As String
    cellrange = "a1:i500"

    With Range("a1:i500")
        Set LastCel = .Cells(.Cells.Count)
    End With
    Set FoundCel = Sheets(SheetName).Range(cellrange).Find(what:=findString, after:=LastCel)
    'sets the first address so that there is a test for when the search is done
    If Not FoundCel Is Nothing Then
        FirstAdd = FoundCel.Address
    End If
    Do Until FoundCel Is Nothing
        Debug.Print FoundCel.Address

        findRow = FoundCel.Row
        'findRow = Sheets(SheetName).Range(column & Row)

        Set FoundCel = Range(cellrange).FindNext(after:=FoundCel)
'        temp = Alpha_Column(FoundCel)
'        findRow = FoundCel.Row & ":" & temp
        If FoundCel.Address = FirstAdd Then
            Exit Do
        End If
End Function
Function Alpha_Column(Cell_Add As Range) As String
Dim No_of_Rows As Integer
Dim No_of_Cols As Integer
Dim Num_Column As Integer
No_of_Rows = Cell_Add.Rows.Count
No_of_Cols = Cell_Add.Columns.Count
If ((No_of_Rows <> 1) Or (No_of_Cols <> 1)) Then
    Alpha_Column = ""
    Exit Function
End If
 Num_Column = Cell_Add.column
If Num_Column < 26 Then
    Alpha_Column = Chr(64 + Num_Column)

    Alpha_Column = Chr(Int(Num_Column / 26) + 64) & Chr((Num_Column Mod 26) + 64)
End If
End Function
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Missing Set on the arrowed line... –  Tim Williams Sep 7 '12 at 19:02
that was a problem but I had fixed it. I think i deleted it with the arrow. –  monkthemighty Sep 7 '12 at 19:11
If the arrowed Find() line executes, then your next call to FindNext() will continue that search, not your original search on the worksheet "SheetName". –  Tim Williams Sep 7 '12 at 20:45
Something like that. Basically you can't nest calls to Find() and still use FindNext(). –  Tim Williams Sep 7 '12 at 21:49
What comes out of what as a variant? I can't see your current code ... –  Tim Williams Sep 10 '12 at 15:01

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