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Is there an easy way to add an HTTPMethod (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE...) column to the fiddler display?

Found these instructions on the fiddler wiki for adding session variables:

cols add "Client IP Address" X-CLIENTIP

But HTTPMethod doesn't seem to be as easy.

Anybody know a way to do this or have a good fiddler script?

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Edit your rules, then in the class Handlers add:

public static BindUIColumn("Method", 60)
    function FillMethodColumn(oS: Session){

        return oS.oRequest.headers.HTTPMethod; 
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excellent thanks! –  thamster Oct 19 '12 at 17:34

There's an easier way now (as of v4.4.5.1 or earlier).

Right-click the column bar and select Customize columns....

Collection: Miscellaneous
Field Name: RequestMethod
Screenshot of Customize Columns dialog box

Screenshot of new created column

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this is more intuitive –  misaxi Jul 31 '14 at 4:08
should be shown by default imo –  zowers Jun 3 at 10:20
Don't you mean "or later"? Any way, +1. –  Cerbrus Jul 31 at 14:07
No, I did mean or earlier. Basically it works on this version, and I'm not sure how many versions ago it was added. haha –  Matthias Dailey Jul 31 at 17:55

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