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I installed the Java EE version of Juno and opened an existing project I'm working on. First thing I noticed was that there was no syntax highlighting on my JSP's. I checked my install and I do have WTP installed.

Any ideas why this isn't working? It has worked out-of-the-box on every other version of Eclipse that I've used.

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Right-click on your JSP file and go to the "Open With..." menu. Are you sure you're actually using the JSP Editor? –  nitind Sep 8 '12 at 13:43
JSP editor is not there. Shouldn't it be there just like previous versions of Eclipse? –  bmoran Sep 10 '12 at 13:11
How did you install this Java EE version of Juno? Did you accidentally install the non-EE Java package? –  nitind Sep 10 '12 at 17:02
I checked that before I posted. The only thing I can think of that could be causing the problem would be that I'm using JDK 1.5 because I'm working on with an old version of ATG. I'll try installing at least 1.6 and see if that clears it up. –  bmoran Sep 10 '12 at 20:17
Someone else has reported the same issue with Juno. bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=385028 –  bmoran Sep 13 '12 at 18:01

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Same problem happen to occur for me. I had tried this solution and it worked for me.

  1. Check your JDK must be 1.6 or later. If not install JDK 1.7

  2. If problem still persists, In Eclipse Go to Help -> Install New Software -> WorkWith (Select Juno - http://download.eclipse.org/releases/juno) -> Expand Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development -> Web Page Editor (Check it) and install it.

    Restart eclipse after installing. Now open a existing jsp file with Web Page Editor. To do this right click on jsp file open with -> Web Page Editor. If Web Page Editor is not present go to Other -> Internal Editors -> Web Page Editor Or Go to new file create with .jsp extension and open with web page editor

    Now in Eclipse Goto Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> File Associations Select *.jsp and make web page editor as default editor

  3. Create a shotcut for *Eclipse *on desktop and right click on shortcut go to properties->shortcut tab -> target

    In the target add these line in braces (-vm "path for your bin folder of jdk 7") For Example target should look like "C:\eclipse\eclipse.exe" -vm "C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.7.0_06\bin"

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I had the same problem. I followed only step 2. Done! Thanks –  Supars Apr 1 '13 at 6:37
Step 2 is all I needed, FYI: I had only downloaded the eclipse SDK package, none of J2EE stuff. –  Abhinav Apr 22 '13 at 17:40
It worked fine. Tank you –  OJVM Jun 25 '13 at 21:05
For "Eclipse Luna" Web Page Editor is "JSF Tools - Web Page Editor". –  yurin Mar 28 at 10:23

Please check your Java version. The JSP editor should be enabled if you have at least Java 6 installed.

  1. If you have an older java version, say 1.5 then download at least 1.6.
  2. change the classpath to that and restart eclipse.

    Now the JSP editor will be enabled. Now this will work fine.You can return back to your older java version if you want, JSP editor will remain there.

Reference: http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/452026/

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While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. –  LittleBobbyTables Feb 11 at 13:37

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