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In previous versions of VTune, there was a program called dsep.exe, which could be used to periodically poll hardware counters (specifically related to DRAM reads/writes) from VTune. This allowed me to gather counter data about each instance in time, rather than one summary at the end.

Unfortunately, this tool has been deprecated in 64-bit operating systems. Does anyone know a way to periodically (e.g., every 1 sec) get hardware counter data from VTune (or another program in Windows)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I realized I should have been a bit more explicit. It's very possible to do a user-mode sampling which runs periodically, but it's only a subset of all of the available counters, and only runs on one process. I need to (if possible) periodically sample the hardware-based counters. – Shookit Sep 7 '12 at 20:18

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All right, I wasn't able to completely fix this issue, but I got pretty close.

The latest version of VTune saves all of the hardware counter data in a SQLite database (projectfolder/sqlite-db/dicer.db). Since you can't get all of the hardware counter data exported directly from the GUI, you can use a SQLite browser data to get to the data you need.

Most of the hardware data is stored in the pmu-data table, timestampped with some wonky version of a rdtsc call.

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