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I'm trying to create simple events list from posts and for event date I'm using default publish date, but there is a problem when I need to insert event with the start and end date.

If I use custom field for the end date, I can display date, but I can't sort them and that's most important thing on this site. I also need to display the end date in 3 ways: "l, j. m.", "j. m." and "D, j. m.".

Is there any plugin for date range in default posts page (I didn't find anything) or do you have any idea what to do?


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date range within a wp_query is not currently supported out of the box. You could accomplish this with $wpdb and write a select statement using the compare BETWEEN format. That's a MYSQL question.

There is a good example of BETWEEN date/time ranges here: Mysql: Compare BETWEEN time

If your date/time is in a standard format you can use strftime to output the time as shown here:

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thank you for your answer. Is there any easy way to insert a new date into post page in a standard format? – Dosadan Dan Sep 8 '12 at 11:50

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