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Hi guys my name is Chris i'm on this forum and in php programming so i have a few questions, i hope somebody can help me.


i' m trying to make a real estate website and i have some difficulties with the search form

the form has 5 fields: price_from; price_to; number_rooms, location and numb_square_meters the data base has 5 columns: id, price, location, numb_square_meters, number_rooms

For the price fields i use an input type field For numb_rooms i use a select type field with options like(vila, condo, 4 bedroom apartaments..something like that and ALL OPTIONS option) For location and square_meters is the same way as for numb_rooms

The problem is this actually there are more than one: 1.When i choose the option "ALL OPTIONS" in the LOCATION field in my form i want it to retrieve every location from the SQL DB if not to retrieve one of the other options

  1. If lets say the user fills the price fields but the other ones remain with the ALL OPTIONS option selected, i want it to retreive only the rows that is in that price range no matter the location number of rooms or the square meters

i want to point out the english is not my maternal language , so if you spot some spelling or grammar errors i apologize.

This a part of my code... Price Price2

 Square_meters<input type="text" name="Square_meters">

  Location<select name="Location">
 <option>All options</option>
    Numb_rooms<select name="Numb_rooms">
 <option>All options</option>
 <option>2 Camere</option>
 <option>3 Camere</option>
  <option>4 Camere</option>
   <input type="submit" name="send" value="Search">
 header("content-type: image.jpg");

   require_once("conexiune.php"); (this is my conect to sql database script)
  $id = $_POST['id'];
  $price = $_POST['price'];
  $price2 = $_POST['price2'];
  $square_m = $_POST['Square_meters'];
  $location = $_POST['location'];
  $numb_rooms = $_POST['Numb_rooms'];
   $selectie = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM apartamente WHERE id = '$id' && Pret>='$price'&& Pret<='$price2' && Location = '$location' &&     Square_meters='$Square_meters' && Numb_rooms = '$Numb_rooms ' ");

  while($row = mysql_fetch_array($selectie,MYSQL_ASSOC))

      print $row['id']; 
      print $row['Pret'];
      print $row['Nr_camere'];
      print $row['Suprafata'];
      print $row['Locatie'];
      print $row['Descriere'];
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I'm not sure where have you copied this example from, but it is wrong from top to bottom. For example, variable names does not match p$_POST keys, header("content-type: image.jpg") should not be there, querying database with RAW post values is VERY bad idea. –  Nazariy Oct 5 '12 at 3:02

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Ignoring the fact that you are leaving yourself wide option for SQL injection attacks, you could do something like this:

$selectie = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM apartamente WHERE id = '$id' 
       && Pret>='$price'&& Pret<='$price2'" . ($location == "ALL OPTIONS" ? "" : " 
       && Location = '$location'") . ($Square_meters == "ALL OPTIONS" ? "" : " 
       && Square_meters='$Square_meters'") . ($Numb_rooms == "ALL OPTIONS" ? "" : " 
       && Numb_rooms = '$Numb_rooms '"));
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