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Hey ya'll I have a problem and I have no idea how to solve with the lack of jquery skills I have.

I am using jquery colorbox for a gallery with my images, problem there are some duplicate images and I am trying to remove it. I don't even know where to start looking...if someone could give me a tip on where to start I would greatly appericate it (ps - its my bday)

I think this is where I need to remove the duplicates, but like I said my jquery skills are awful

// Preloads images within a rel group
                if (settings.preloading) {
                    preload = [
                    while (i = $related[preload.pop()]) {
                        src = $.data(i, colorbox).href || i.href;
                        if ($.isFunction(src)) {
                            src = src.call(i);
                        if (isImage(src)) {
                            img = new Image();
                            img.src = src;


Here is also the link to the file I am using...hope this helps


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After looking at your site, I had the same issue with colorbox...this will work

$(".wpcart_gallery a:first").removeClass("cboxElement");
jQuery(".wpcart_gallery img").click(function($){
jQuery(".wpcart_gallery a").addClass('cboxElement');
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You can reach this using this jQuery code:

var arrayImgsColorbox = new Array();

$('.cboxElement').each(function(i, obj){
    if($.inArray($(obj).attr('href'), arrayImgsColorbox ) > -1)
        arrayImgsColorbox[i] = $(obj).attr('href');
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