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I want to create an unordered list using iText. However, I don't want the default bullet to be dash, but a black spot (look to the spot right to your reputation marking your medals - something like that, but black). I don't know if iText has this already implemented (I couldn't find it), or do I have to do it manually.

The problem is, if I have to do it manually, since there are no black spots on a keyboard, I'd have to insert an image as the ListSymbol, but the setListSymbol method only accepts Chunk or String as an argument...

What do I do?

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You probably want to use style sheets. – km1 Sep 7 '12 at 21:37

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The answer is in your own question. You can use a Chunk as list symbol. If you want to use a custom image (e.g. one that visualizes a black spot), you can wrap such an image inside a Chunk. If you don't want to draw such an image yourself, you could look for a font that has one (Webdings? Wingdings?) and use a Chunk with a character from that font.

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