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In a DataGrid, I have one DataGridViewComboBoxColumn. I have assigned a DataTable as a DataSource, items ,value member and display member in the code but the ComboBox shows up empty when I run the program.The drop down doesn't work at all.

It does however assign the value properly which shows that the DataSource was setup properly.i.e when I assign a value , it fetches the correct display member.

Things I have already tried based on other related posts - using List instead of DataTable [ works exactly the same] - using enum instead of DataTable [ works ok ] - used the DataTable object through a BindingSource - checked for "read only" = false on all rows ,columns , cells. - as a precaution assign "read only" = false on cell_enter function for the particular column and set the DataSource if it is null.

When I watch the DataGridViewComboBoxCell[or column] in debug I see that the items have been populated. I am truly out of ideas, any help is appreciated. I have pasted a few code snippets if it helps

DataTable data = new DataTable();
data.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Value", typeof(string)));
data.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Description", typeof(string)));

data.Rows.Add("en_US", "English-US");
data.Rows.Add("de", "german-Germany");

(patientGrid.Columns[5] as DataGridViewComboBoxColumn).Items.Add("English-US");
(patientGrid.Columns[5] as DataGridViewComboBoxColumn).Items.Add("german-Germany");
(patientGrid.Columns[5] as DataGridViewComboBoxColumn).ValueType = typeof(string);

(patientGrid.Columns[5] as DataGridViewComboBoxColumn).DataSource = data;
(patientGrid.Columns[5] as DataGridViewComboBoxColumn).ValueMember = "Value";
(patientGrid.Columns[5] as DataGridViewComboBoxColumn).DisplayMember = "Description";

//setting value 
(patientGrid.Rows[rowIndex].Cells[5] as DataGridViewComboBoxCell).Value = 
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Add: patientGrid.Rows[rowIndex].Cells[5].ReadOnly = false;

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