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I would like to do some stats on my git log to get something like:

10 Daniel Schmidt
5  Peter
1  Klaus

The first column is the count of commits and the second the commiter. I already got as far as this:

    git log --raw |
    grep "^Author: " |
    sort |
    uniq -c |
    sort -nr |
    less -FXRS

The interesting part is the

    grep "^Author: "

which i wanted to modify with a nice Regex to exclude the mail adress. With Rubular something like this worked, but if i insert it in the grep (or in a piped other one) it won't get me the right output.

Sidequestion: Is there a possibility to get the count and the author seperated by something else then whitespace while staying in this pipe command style? I would like to have a nicer seperator between both to us column later (and maybe some color ^^)

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Any particular reason you're piping log to grep instead of just using git shortlog -n -s? – Christopher Sep 8 '12 at 1:52
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Google git-extras. It has a git summary that does this.

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git shortlog -n -s gets you the same data. On the git repository, for example (piped to head to get higher numbers):

$ git shortlog -n -s | head -4
 11129  Junio C Hamano
  1395  Shawn O. Pearce
  1103  Linus Torvalds
   896  Jeff King

To get a different delimiter, you could pipe it to awk:

$ git shortlog -n -s | awk 'BEGIN{OFS="|";} { $1=$1; print $0 }' | head -4
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You can get the full power of pcre (which should match your experiments with Rebular) with a perl one-liner:

perl -ane 'print if /^Author: /'

Just extend that pattern as necessary.

To reformat you can use awk (eg awk '{printf "%5d\t%s", $1, $2}')

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