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I have a div that needs to fade out on focus of the text area within my form.

I have the following JS file to perform this, "message" is the class of my text area and "bubble" is the ID of the div that should fade in/out. I've also included it directly into my page to see if that fixed it.

function (){

$(".message").focus(function() {
   }).blur(function() {

The HTML is as follows, not that it's particularly interesting!

 <div id="bubble">
    <img src="images/hire_me_bubble.png" alt="Hire me" />

The live site can be seen here - the text area in the contact form should start the fadeout of the bubble.

I've tried checking through the code but I can't see any problems.

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Your syntax is messed up. You have )() which matches to nothing. Try this:

$(function (){
    $(".message").focus(function() {
    }).blur(function() {

This will execute the code on document ready.

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Thanks! It was working before so I'm not sure how I managed to change that! This worked :) – Francesca Sep 7 '12 at 22:12
@Francesca, for future reference, you can always use something like to check your syntax, or use JSFiddle's built in syntax checker – Charlie Sep 7 '12 at 22:13

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