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I'm trying to implement a TreeView, that can be both filtered and edited, without success. The Gtk.TreeModelFilter is not implementing SetValue() functions. I have tried to create a new class having Gtk.TreeModelFilter as it's base and to create a new SetValue() method, but it is not called from the TreeView (always the Gtk.TreeModelFilter's method is called). How can I implement a filter for TreeView that can do this?

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I think posting a little code about what you've tried would help. –  Shakti Prakash Singh Oct 5 '12 at 3:54

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What is the value you are trying to set?

Tree view ui objects usually require you to set up a tree of objects before they can render. Sometimes you build new leaves through the tree api; sometimes, it is an object.

Example of a tree object:

{ name: 'Maurice', 
  children: [ 
    { name: 'Mark', children: [ 
      { name: 'Molly', children: [] },
      { name: 'Drew', children: [] },   
      { name: 'Craig ', children: [] }]}]}
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It has to be able to modify any of the columns. It displays a collection of words and some parameters in a hierarchical order. But I have also to filter the displayed content to make it easier to find the desired row. –  xdever Sep 13 '12 at 9:21

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