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I'm building a StockTwits app in Javascript.

I'm looking at the API documentation on OAuth http://stocktwits.com/developers/docs/authentication but confused about how to complete the client-side OAuth flow.

How can I properly authenticate my calls to StockTwits in javascript?

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Have you tried anything yet? What's not working? – Brad Mace Sep 13 '12 at 1:10
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Please see the "Client side OAuth flow" on the Authentication page.

Once you have a consumer key and consumer secret from registering an app with us, call the authorize end-point with your details:


Once you or the user authorizes the application from the authentication box, the access token will be passed as a hash in the redirect URI you provided in the authorize call.

Let us know the responses you're getting if it's still not working.

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Can we authorize the call at the server side ? – sumit kumar raj Jan 15 at 20:21

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