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And convhulln()? I cannot find the reference. Thanks.

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According to mathworks.com/help/techdoc/ref/convhulln.html "convhulln is based on Qhull. For information about Qhull, see qhull.org/."; I assume, same holds for convhull. See also qhull.m –  gevang Sep 8 '12 at 0:12
@gevang Why don't you leave this as the answer so it does not show up as unanswered? –  jett Sep 8 '12 at 8:26
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(making my comment an answer)

According to MathWorks convhulln documentation

"convhulln is based on Qhull. For information about Qhull, see http://www.qhull.org/"

See also qhull.m for more info.

Barber, C. B., D.P. Dobkin, and H.T. Huhdanpaa, "The Quickhull Algorithm for Convex Hulls," ACM Trans. on Mathematical Software, 22(4), 1996.

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